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We are helping you to talk about

with doctors

If you and the doctor are prepared for the appointment, you will get better help.

Preforma is a free service that, through a digital examination, gives you guidance and advice so that both you and your doctor are better prepared for the doctor's visit.

Use before you go to both the GP and the gynecologist when...

You have a problem or concern

You will have a gynecological check-up and possibly a pap smear

Do a digital exam

Carry out a free survey by filling in our questionnaire

Get guidance and access to resources

You will receive information, recommendations and resources based on your answers immediately after the survey

Send svarene til din lege

Send the answers to your doctor if you need a visit

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Developed by gynecologist

Preforma was established by a group of gynaecologists, based on a desire to provide better treatment and concrete guidance to the individual woman on issues related to women's health.

Many women do not receive good enough treatment for ailments that significantly affect their quality of life and health. Preforma is an aid for women and for doctors to do this better.

By doing a digital mapping of the medical history, we can provide personalized advice and help the doctor and provide better treatment.

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Anbefalt av leger

Ingeborg Engelsen, Gynecologist

Marianne Warloe, GP

Yngvild Hannestad, Gynecologist

Stine Birkeland, Gynecologist

Marianne Natvik, GP

Esther Kraus Gundersen, GP

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We care about women's health


The questionnaire is based on research and best clinical practice. It is continuously updated and improved by doctors and researchers.


Women's health can be complex. The questionnaire will therefore start with the whole, and then adapt the questions based on who you are and what you have experienced.


The questions are easy for you to understand. When the mapping is finished, a text is automatically created that puts your problems into words. This text provides everything the doctor needs.


By doing the mapping in advance, the doctor will gain a better insight into your problems, and you can spend more of the hour discussing solutions.


Have used the plattform since 2018


9 out of 10 feel that the quality of the consultations is improved

What women say

Common complains


Nausea of ​​pregnancy


Heavy menstrual bleedings

Urinary incontinence

Irregular bleeding


Hormonal imbalance

Pain during intercourse

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Get advice and guidance through our free digital health examination

We help your doctor to understand you better. The digital examination gives you guidance and advice so that both you and your doctor are better prepared for the doctor's visit.

Do the digital examination