For gynecologist is a service to help women in their encounters with the healthcare system. If you as a doctor or therapist want to survey the background and medical history of your patients, we have a separate solution for that.

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For gynecologists

By using Preforma's solution for gynaecologists, you as a practitioner get a digital assistant that helps you and your patients for better consultations by automating the recording of medical records. You receive an updated and complete medical history for all patients in your own inbox before the appointment, so that you are prepared before the visit and avoid writing work afterwards.

For physiotherapists

We also have a separate solution for physiotherapists with their own women's health modules.


Click on the text above to find more information about our solution for gynecologists and physiotherapists and other working with women's health. Register to test the program for free.

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We help your doctor to understand you better. The digital examination gives you guidance and advice so that both you and your doctor are better prepared for the doctor's visit.

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