The way it works

Preforma is a tool that puts your challenges into words, and helps you in the meeting with the healthcare system.


Complete our digital survey

Through a questionnaire, we survey your symptoms, medications and medical history to get a comprehensive picture of you and your challenges.


The summary is ready at once

Your answers are immediately turned into an auto-generated text summarizing your background and medical history. You will receive a concrete information, a text you can send directly to your doctor, and suggestions for texts you may be interested in reading before the appointment


Send your answers directly to the doctor when you book a doctor's appointment

When you book a doctor's appointment, you can send your summary directly to the doctor, so the doctor also can prepare before the appointment

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Get advice and guidance through our free digital health examination

We help your doctor to understand you better. The digital examination gives you guidance and advice so that both you and your doctor are better prepared for the doctor's visit.

Do the digital examination